Hello! I am Lene Saile and I make websites.

Especially in the context of website development I also take care of graphic design, photography, SEO and site maintenance. I have 15 years of experience as a web designer and developer.
As a freelancer and on behalf of agencies, I have made a variety of websites over the years - for small and medium-sized companies, freelancers, individuals, associations and foundations.
Lene Saile en su ordenador

About the way I work.

First of all, I talk to the clients in detail to understand the purpose of the new project, the goals and ideas to be achieved.

I do not create websites based on pre-programmed templates or themes and I do not use visual website builders.

All websites are completely designed and programmed from the ground up so that they work exactly as I and my clients imagine them to.

This has several very positive aspects:

  • No image is too big, no code too much - and the website runs error-free and incredibly fast.
  • I am completely independent from third parties, I react to problems and necessary updates myself.
  • Achieving a much better positioning in the search engines.
  • All wishes of the client can be fulfilled in terms of form, structure and function.

Do you need a website?

Send me an e-mail to hola@lenesaile.com and tell me about your project.
My clients are mainly based in Spain, but I also work for international clients.

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