About me

I'm a Berlin born, Madrid based developer and designer who has been building for the web professionally since 2008. I specialize in custom creative websites with accessibility and performance in mind.

I have always enjoyed experimenting with computers. In 2004, I tried building my first websites with HTML and CSS. Four years later, I started earning a living with my hobby.

After reaching my limits with static websites, I started working with WordPress and learned PHP to broaden the possibilities.

In 2018 I discovered the idea of Jamstack and soon after changed all my workflows. I started integrating Git by default for all projects, tested new bundlers, CSS and Javscript frameworks and discovered the world of Continuous deployments via GitHub and Netlify.

I enjoy building performant sites with minimal vanilla Javascript and all the possibilities of modern CSS.

I take accessibility and performance very seriously, testing and re-testing until the result is what I want it to be.

I'm constantly reading and learning, and I'm especially enthusiastic about everything that's happening in the areas of Jamstack, accessibility and performance. I don't consider myself an expert anywhere, as I'm constantly optimising and every field is incredibly large. I am a quick and flexible learner and have no trouble familiarising myself with new methods and techniques.