About me

I'm a Berlin born, Madrid based developer and designer who has been building for the web professionally since 2008. I specialize in custom creative websites with accessibility and performance in mind.

I have always enjoyed experimenting with computers. In 2004, I tried building my first websites with HTML and CSS. Four years later, I started earning a living with my hobby.

After reaching my limits with static websites, I discovered WordPress and learned PHP to broaden the possibilities.

In 2018 I came across the Jamstack approach and as a consequence revamped all my workflows.
After a short detour to various JavaScript frameworks and Tailwind CSS, I now prefer to work directly with the technologies of the web platform, without abstraction layers.

I enjoy building fast websites with minimal vanilla Javascript and all the possibilities of modern CSS.

I’m especially enthusiastic about everything that’s happening in the areas of modern CSS, Accessibility and Performance. These are the main fields in which I am continuously and passionately educating myself.

I'm constantly readjusting perspectives and optimising my way of working. I am a quick and flexible learner and have no trouble familiarising myself with new methods and techniques.