What I do

I mainly concentrate on developing things for the web. My approach is semantic HTML, some CSS, and a dash of JavaScript for flavor. I place value on performance, accessibility, simplicity and long term support. Also: websites should be fun!

  • Consulting

    I offer expert guidance to create visually appealing websites, tailored to you personally, giving your visitors a coherent impression of you and what you offer.

  • Development

    Modern web frameworks like Eleventy and Astro help me to create websites based on semantic HTML, CSS and JavaScript without the need for databases or server-side languages.

  • Design

    I specialize in creative web design, creating visually stunning experiences: Elegant, responsive websites that are fun and easy to use.

  • Maintenance

    The internet constantly evolves and so do the tools we use to build websites. I make sure that my websites function optimally and are secure over the long term.

  • Discoverability

    The secret for discoverability is to have a website that is great in every way: Technically perfect, fast and secure, clear in terms of structure, with genuinly good copy. I can help you with that.

  • Contents

    Let's try to find what it is that differentiates you. Something personal, that refers to the essence or philosophy of the project or product.