What I do

I mainly concentrate on developing things for the web. My approach is semantic HTML, some CSS, and a dash of JavaScript for flavor. I place value on performance, accessibility, simplicity and long term support. Also: websites should be fun!

  • Jamstack

    Jamstack makes the web faster, more secure, and easier to scale. It gives me as a developer unlimited freedom and I can work with the best tools for the project.

  • WordPress

    I have been building WordPress themes for many years. I also offer transfering existing WordPress environments to the Jamstack, optionally using WordPress as a headless CMS.

  • Design

    I create visually stunning experiences, websites that are fun and easy to use.

  • Maintenance

    The internet constantly evolves and so do the tools we use to build websites. I take care of the optimal functioning, security and performance of the websites I build for my clients.

  • SEO

    The secret for a good positioning is to have a website that is great in every way: Technically perfect, fast and secure, clear in terms of structure, with genuinly interesting copy. I can help you with that.

  • Contents

    Let's try to find what it is that differentiates you. Something personal, that refers to the essence or philosophy of the project or product.