Eleventy Excellent demo branches

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I have created a few demo branches for Eleventy Excellent.

Sometimes I get requests via the issues to add tags, or something similar. This makes sense, of course, but after many years of struggling with premium themes of other tools (yes, WordPress…) that wanted to cover every conceivable use case and were thus overly complex and slow, it is very important to me to maintain a clean and simple spirit.

The starter should be able to be developed in all possible directions without having to make too many decisions in advance. That’s why I decided to create some further refinements as “demos” that live in their own branch, but move along with the main branch.

So far, I have taken care of issues that have been specifically requested: gallery, tags and pagination. More to come!

I try to keep my articles up to date, and of course I could be wrong, or there could be a better solution. If you see something that is not true (anymore), or something that should be mentioned, feel free to edit the article on GitHub.


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