A new project: from planning to publication

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Planning and design

Every project starts with planning. This way I can get a more concrete feel for the project. I study websites from the same industry and look for inspiration. I start thinking about typography and color scheme and create a project folder where the client’s material is stored.

The next step is to create a menu and I sketch out the design and elements of the website. My sketches are not very detailed, nor do they describe every part of the website. The main purpose is to have a general idea of the project.

With Photoshop and Figma I convert my ideas and sketches into designs. Sometimes I design each relevant subpage this way in advance, sometimes I convert the idea directly into code.

Code and release

When the design is agreed with my client, I switch to “Visual Studio Code” to convert the design into modern and efficient code, using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

In the testing phase I check that everything works correctly: Does the website run on all common browsers and operating systems, do the contact forms arrive, does the GDPR modal work correctly (in the best case, none is necessary!), is the site accessible?

The site is running without errors on my local server - now I check that this is also the case on the production server. Finally I push the website live.

I try to keep my articles up to date, and of course I could be wrong, or there could be a better solution. If you see something that is not true (anymore), or something that should be mentioned, feel free to edit the article on GitHub.


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